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Metra Engineering

Welcome to the Metra Engineering page. This page was created by the Engineering Division to provide information for consultants and project team members. From here, you have instant access to critical project information such as documents, drawings, images, and other important data.

Contractor Login

Metra provides a secure FTP server which contractors may use to obtain necessary files. Follow the link below and enter your Metra provided login information to access this area.

Enter Metra FTP Site

Stations and Parking Design

Design Guidelines

Metra is responsible for developing guidelines for the Design, Stations & Parking projects. These guidelines are tools for Metra Design, Stations & Parking staff, consultants, and municipalities to effectively and efficiently complete station and parking design projects. 

Design Project Guidelines

Stations Design

  • Station Design Guidelines, Revision Coming Soon
  • Station Design Checklists, Revision Coming Soon

Parking Design

Sign Program

Temporary Shoring

CADD Guidelines & Details

*NOTE: Although the content may be useful, Platform and Station Details and Sample Signage Plans require revision to match the latest revisions to the Station and Parking Design Guidelines and the Station Sign Program Specification.

Station Information

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