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2018 Budget

Welcome to Metra's information page about its 2018 Budget. Metra has approved a 2018 operating budget of $797.2 million that includes fare increases and, for the first time, cuts in service in order to close a $45 million budget deficit caused by rising expenses, a reduction in state aid and disappointing sales tax revenues. Metra also proposed a 2018 capital budget that totals $196.8 million from its available funding sources – only one-sixth of its estimated annual need.

The operating budget deficit in 2018 and the continuing, severe shortfall in funding for Metra’s capital reinvestment needs point to a growing problem with local, state and federal subsidies for public transportation in the Chicago area. The sales taxes and state aid that fund about half of Metra’s operating budget and the local, state and federal grants that pay for nearly all of its capital budget are not keeping up with rising costs and our aging system’s replacement and renovation needs.

Metra approved a combination of fare increases and cuts in expenses, including cutting a small number of trains, to close the budget gap. Fare increases will start Feb. 1, 2018.

  • The price of One-Way Tickets will increase by 25 cents in all zones (a 2.3 percent to 6.7 percent increase). Customers who ride Metra 30 times a year would pay an additional $7.50.
  • The price of 10-Ride Tickets will increase $4.25 to $7.75 (8 percent to 12.6 percent) depending on the zone.
  • The price of Monthly Passes will increase $9 to $12.50 (4.1 percent to 8.4 percent) depending on the zone. That would be an annual increase of $108 to $150. This increase starts with the sale of the February Monthly Pass in January.
  • The price of Weekend Passes will increase to $10 from $8.
  • Reduced fare tickets also will increase.
  • The new fare table is here and a PowerPoint presentation showing the change by ticket type and zone is here.

In addition, a small number of weekday trains will be curtailed or eliminated on the North Central Service, SouthWest Service and Rock Island Line, and weekend trains will be cut on the Milwaukee District North Line.  Those changes will start Feb. 5, 2018. Details are here.

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