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Reports and Documents

Strategic Plan

Metra is working to finalize its strategic plan, a critically important document that will guide the agency for years to come. During two successful rounds of public outreach in July and November of 2012, we received a significant amount of feedback from our key stakeholders: our board, our employees, our riders, and the public. These comments shaped our Mission and Vision statements, which the Metra Board voted to adopt in January 2013. We also used this feedback to develop a set of five Strategic Goals that will drive the agency’s activities. We’ve linked each of the five Goals with a set of initiatives, and measures to evaluate our progress.

All of these elements are laid out in our draft strategic plan, titled “On Track to Excellence.” This document will guide Metra’s work plan for the next five years, and we’d like to know what you think. Please email your comments to by October 6, 2017. All comments will be reviewed for possible inclusion in the final plan. A final plan will be presented to the Metra Board for approval.


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