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Alternate Service Schedules
First Published - 03/19/2020 - 11:56AM

Metra will begin operating an alternate weekday schedule on Monday, March 23, to adjust for the reduced number of riders due to school closures, work-from-home mandates and other consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. The alternate schedules can be viewed here. There will be changes for every line except the Heritage Corridor, which will operate its normal schedule. Where we are able to, we will maintain the number of cars on trains to allow for social distancing. On a line-by-line basis, Metra is monitoring ridership and may further reduce service to meet the ridership demands. The reduced schedules will remain in effect until health officials deem the crisis has passed and/or ridership begins to return to normal. Metra will operate on regular weekend schedules. Please use the Ventra app to purchase tickets. The app can be downloaded free from the App Store or Google Play.

Last Updated - 04/01/2020 - 2:59PM

Buying Metra mobile tickets

  • From the Ventra App’s home screen, select the option “Buy Metra Tickets.”
  • The next screen will ask you about the train line and stations you intend to use and the type of ticket you intend to buy. First, select your train line by touching “Select Metra Line” and choosing from the drop-down menu. Then, select your “Departure” station and your “Destination” station the same way.
  • Next, select the type of Ticket: One-Way, Ten-Ride, Monthly or Weekend Pass. (Monthly Passes can only be purchased between the 20th of the preceding month to the 5th.) The prices displayed are the prices for each ticket between the stations you selected.
    • Monthly Pass buyers will have the option to buy a Link-Up or PlusBus pass; see that section below for information.
    • You can also buy reduced fare Metra mobile tickets, but when you use them you must present proper documentation to the conductor to prove your eligibility. If you aren’t able to provide it, you’ll be asked to buy a full fare ticket instead.
  • Once you select your type of ticket, the next screen will ask you how many tickets you want to buy. The default number is 1, so you don’t need to do anything unless you want more than 1. You can add/subtract tickets by pressing + or -. If you want to buy a different ticket, select the “Buy More” option. If you are ready to buy, select “Checkout.”
    • If you haven’t created a Ventra account, the next screen will give you the options to “Create Account” or “Log In” or “Continue Without an Account.”
      • If you “Continue Without an Account,” the next screen will ask for your payment information.
      • If you have created an account, you can “Log In” with your username and password. The next screen will ask you how you want to pay. The options will include any credit or debit cards (including pre-tax transit benefits debit cards) or Ventra transit value affiliated with your account. You can even choose to split the payment between two cards. The first time you buy, you’ll be prompted for your account password, and be asked if you want to disable that requirement in the future.
      • If you choose to “Create an Account,” see the section above regarding creating an account.
  • When the purchase is complete, your new mobile tickets will be stored under “My Metra Tickets” within the Ventra App.
  • Like their paper ticket counterparts, mobile tickets must be used within a specified time frame. One-Way Tickets must be used within 90 days of purchase. Ten-Ride Tickets must be used within a year of purchase. Monthly Passes expire at noon of the first business day of the following month. Weekend Passes must be used within 90 days of purchase and once activated will expire at 3 a.m. Monday.
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