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Service Updates and Alerts

BNSF Schedule - Friday, February 9, 2018

The National Weather Service Forecast includes a Winter Storm Warning for the Chicago area that may adversely affect portions of the region served by Metra. Please refer to the National Weather Service Forecast.

Metra will make every effort to provide a timely and comfortable commute. Unfortunately, weather conditions beyond our control could disrupt service and delay your train. Please allow extra travel time to get to and from your destination. We regret any weather-related delays and appreciate your your patience. Please refer to Service Updates for line-specific information. Thank you for choosing Metra.

The BNSF Railway will operate an alternative schedule on Friday, February 9. A summary is below, and details can be found here.


  • Combine 1214 (regularly scheduled to depart Lisle 6:27 AM)  and 1210 (regularly scheduled to depart Aurora 6:02 AM) – New 9910, departs Aurora at 6:02 AM

  • Combine 1216 (regularly scheduled to depart Highlands 6:38 AM) and 1222 (regularly scheduled to depart Brookfield 6:50 AM) – New 9916, departs Highlands at 6:38 AM

  • Combine 1220 (regularly scheduled to depart Aurora 6:27 AM) and 1224 (regularly scheduled to depart Lisle 6:52 AM) – New 9920, departs Aurora at 6:27 AM

  • Combine 1238 (regularly scheduled to depart Fairview Ave 7:28 AM) and 1244 (regularly scheduled to depart Brookfield 7:45 AM) – New 9938, departs Fairview Ave at 7:28 AM

  • Combine 1242 (regularly scheduled to depart Aurora 7:22 AM) and 1250 (regularly scheduled to depart Lisle 7:51 AM) – New 9942, departs Aurora at 7:22 AM

  • Combine 1248 (regularly scheduled to depart Fairview Ave 7:48 AM) and 1254 (regularly scheduled to depart Brookfield 8:12 AM) – New 9948, departs Fairview Ave at 7:48 AM

  • Train 1258 will depart Lisle at 8:19 AM (regularly scheduled to depart Lisle 8:09 AM)

  • Train 1370 will depart Aurora at 8:16 AM (regularly scheduled to depart Aurora 8:06 AM)


  • Cancel trains 1215 (regularly scheduled to depart Union Station 7:10 AM) and 1271 (regularly scheduled to depart Union Station 5:32 PM)

  • Train No. 1211 will depart Union Station at 7:11 AM (regularly scheduled to depart Union Station 7:01 AM)

  • Train No. 1221 (regularly scheduled to depart Union Station 7:30 AM) will stop at Western Ave

  • Combine 1277 (regularly scheduled to depart Union Station 5:45 PM) and 1279 (regularly scheduled to depart Union Station 5:49 PM)– New 9979, departs Union Station at 5:49 PM

  • Combine 1283 (departs Union Station 6:14 PM) and 1373 (departs Union Station 6:18 PM)– New 9983, departs Chicago Union Station at 6:18 PM


All other Metra lines will operate on a regular weekday schedule.


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