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Union Pacific West Line Customers

(June 13, 2011) - 
Dear Union Pacific West Line customers,
This morning’s commute was disrupted by issues with the Union Pacific. The Union Pacific West Line trains are operated by UP employees. Early this morning the UP realized they were short several engineers for the morning rush. Poor manpower planning by the UP resulted in six trains, four inbound and two outbound being annulled and subsequent delays.
The UP assures Metra this was not a work stoppage or labor related and there were no mechanical issues with our trains.
These cancellations and delays are unacceptable to Metra.
We are working with the UP to ensure afternoon trains will run on schedule and that
something like this does not occur again. We apologize for the delays. We will update you
throughout the day on our website, email alerts and Tweets.
Alex Clifford
Executive Director/CEO
You can now follow me on Twitter @MetraCEO
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