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Support Commuter Benefits Extension

(November 10, 2011) - 
The Cost of Your Commute is about to Rise!
The commuter benefit is an employer provided federal tax benefit that allows working families to save money on their daily commute, saves businesses of all sizes critical dollars that can be reinvested to create new jobs, helps reduce traffic congestion and improve air quality, saves energy and enhances our national security. 
However, without immediate Congressional action the future of the transit portion of the commuter benefit, at its current level, is in jeopardy. 
We need your support now to preserve the transit portion of the commuter benefit. Currently, transit and van pool riders can set aside $230 per month to cover transportation cost; if Congress fails to act by the end of this year, this amount will roll back to the pre-stimulus level of $120 per month, plus a $5 per month adjustment for inflation, for a total of $125 per month in 2012. Learn more about this issue by clicking here.
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