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Regional Survey Finds Metra Customers Highly Satisfied with Service

(May 30, 2012) - 
A customer satisfaction survey commissioned by the Regional Transportation Authority indicates that Metra customers overall were highly satisfied with the service we provide.
Public transit as whole in the Chicago region received high marks with approximately 91 percent of survey respondents saying they would recommend the transit system to others and 83 percent indicating that they are satisfied with service overall.
Customers of all three of the region’s transit agencies indicated that on-time performance, total travel time, safety, cleanliness and the courtesy shown by transit personnel are the service attributes that matter most to them.
“Metra is gratified to again see strong satisfaction scores for what customers have identified as the most important service attributes. We are focused on maintaining a high quality of service for our customers. This includes the continual improvement of our on-time performance,” said Metra CEO Alex Clifford. “We plan to analyze and use the data collected to identify ways to continue to improve the customer experience.”
Metra riders indicated satisfaction with on-time performance, safety, on-board courtesy and seat availability.
The survey was conducted by Resource Systems Group and included surveys administered onboard the CTA, Metra and Pace’s buses and trains and through e-mail. Nearly 33,000 people including more than 11,000 Metra riders were surveyed across the region.  Fifty-four percent of the survey respondents were male and 46 percent were female.
In general, customers had the highest levels of satisfaction with attributes in the Safety and Employee Performance categories.  Metra plans to conduct further analysis of the survey results specific to our service and will publish the results of that analysis at a later date.
A copy of the regional customer satisfaction survey report can be downloaded at
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