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Minor Changes Coming to BNSF Schedule

(June 11, 2010) - 
Starting July 12, nearly two dozen weekday trains on the Metra BNSF Line will see minor schedule changes to accommodate a major construction project and/or to make the schedules more reliable.
In most cases, the trains will have slightly later or, in a few instances, slightly earlier departure times from some or all stations. Some of the changes will result in a slightly longer overall trip, but in other cases the total run time will not be affected.
In addition to the weekday changes, several outbound weekend trains will depart 10 minutes later than the current schedule, which will create a more consistent schedule.
For a summary of all changes, please see this document.
For the complete schedule, please see this document.
Some of the weekday changes are being made because of the project to route Belmont Road under the BNSF tracks in Downers Grove. That project, expected to be completed in early 2013, aims to eliminate a chronic source of road congestion on a significant north-south artery in DuPage County.
Major construction starting in July will require the BNSF Line to be reduced from three tracks to two tracks near the Belmont Station. The train schedule must be adjusted because some express trains will no longer be able to pass local trains in the area, since the third, passing, track will be unavailable.
The remaining weekday changes are being made to make run times more accurately reflect actual operating conditions, resulting in more reliable service.
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