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Metra Solicits Riders' Help in Fare Collection Campaign

(September 16, 2011) - 
Metra is aggressively stepping up efforts to act on customer complaints about the non-collection of fares onboard its trains with a new way for riders to report specific cases through the agency’s website.
The “Be Fair, Pay the Fare” campaign was introduced to the Metra Board of Directors at its monthly meeting on Friday. Information about the campaign will be distributed on all trains and through My Metra customer alerts and Twitter feeds.
Through the campaign, Metra riders are being asked to keep their tickets visible throughout their entire ride, alert the conductor before they depart the train if their ticket has not been collected and to report any instances where they perceive that crews fail to collect. Customers will be directed to our Revenue Collection Report where they can fill out a form detailing specific instances where fares were not collected and/or any other irregularities such as fare evasion or passengers riding beyond their ticketed zone. The information provided will then be used by Metra to address these issues with the crews involved.
A recent survey of Metra customers regarding proposals for the agency’s 2012 budget found the issue of failure to collect fares brought up repeatedly by respondents. Metra has already taken action on this issue through random observance of fare collection practices on all its rail lines, the investigation of specific allegations and discipline for employees found in violation.
Crowding, the need to aid passengers and other exceptional situations onboard trains can slow — and in some cases prevent — fare collection by crews; but these examples are the exception rather than the rule.
“We believe that the vast majority of our crew members do an excellent job performing their duties but we are always looking for ways to be better,” said Metra CEO Alex Clifford. “We believe that asking for our customers’ assistance in identifying problem areas will help us improve service in ways that are good for our customers and our employees.”
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