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Metra solicits public input on a new strategic plan

(July 3, 2012) - 
Furthering its goal of soliciting input and engaging in dialogue with its major stakeholders, Metra is asking its riders, the public, elected officials and others for their help as it begins to craft its first strategic plan in several decades.
The commuter rail agency has set up a brief survey on its website and has scheduled a series of open houses throughout the Chicago region starting next week to solicit public input on a new strategic plan. The strategic plan is a critically important document that will guide the agency for years to come, helping it to prioritize its spending decisions and use its scarce dollars in the most efficient and effective way possible.
“It’s absolutely essential that our strategic plan is produced with the input of all our stakeholders,” said Metra Executive Director/CEO Alex Clifford. “That is why we are requesting their thoughts and suggestions from the very beginning of this process. We can’t hope to have an effective and legitimate document without it.”
Starting with key questions
One of the key, first steps in the strategic planning process is to cement into place the mission, values and vision of the agency. In this initial phase, Metra is asking key stakeholders – its board, employees, riders, the public and others – for their thoughts about the following questions:
  • What should Metra’s mission be? A mission statement should briefly describe the overall purpose of Metra. It should answer questions about who we are and what we do, how and why we do it and who we do it for.
  • What should Metra’s values be? We are looking for list of values outlining the core ideology of Metra, something that does not change over time. They should describe how we carry out our mission.
  • Finally, what should Metra’s vision for the future be? A vision statement should say where we want to be. It should describe an ideal future, and should state what impact we want to have on society.

Ways to offer input

You can offer input by coming out to one of our public open house forums throughout the region.  Click here for meeting information and materials are included below.  You can also provide input by completing a short survey actively available here from 7/2/12 until 8/10/12.
Metra hopes to hear from as many people as possible to maximize the public’s involvement to produce a useful and productive mission statement, a clear and inspirational vision statement and a comprehensive list of Metra values.
As the strategic plan begins to take shape, Metra will hold another round of open houses in the fall. It intends to complete the plan by the end of this year.
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