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Metra Seeks Rider Input on "Quiet Cars"

(October 13, 2010) - 
The October issue of Metra’s On the Bi-Level newsletter is asking riders for their input about the idea of implementing “quiet cars” on Metra trains.
As the newsletter says, Metra is not opposed to quiet cars per se, but we’re not sure about how great the need is, and we have concerns about how it would be implemented. That said, we will consider a trial program for quiet cars. But before we do, we want to hear from riders. Try to be thoughtful. Tell us whether you think it would work, and what cars should be considered. Should it be the ADA car, or non-ADA car? Do we need it on non-rush hour trains? How should it be enforced? Would it work on some of really crowded BNSF trains? And we want to hear from anyone who thinks it’s a bad idea, if there is anyone like that out there. Please send your feedback here.
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