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Alternate Service Schedules
First Published - 03/19/2020 - 11:56AM
  • For the safety of the public and our employees, and because of municipal travel restrictions that are limiting the ability of our workers to reach job sites, Metra is suspending all service on Monday, June 1. We will provide updates on Monday about Tuesday service.
Last Updated - 05/31/2020 - 8:04PM

Metra restricting access to some railcars until further notice

(April 2, 2020) - 

Metra will be closing one car on all of its trains until further notice in a further move to protect its train crews during the pandemic. Metra is also asking passengers to practice social distancing while on board its trains. There should be ample room in the open cars for passengers to be able to spread out.

On Metra’s 10 diesel lines, Metra will be closing the cab car on its trains to all passengers. The cab car is the car furthest from the locomotive. On the Metra Electric Line, the car on the north end of the train will be closed.

Safety is the primary goal of this new procedure. It will limit opportunities for our train crews to potentially be exposed to COVID-19, and limit opportunities for our passengers to be exposed. Conductors will continue to ensure at all times that passengers safely board and disembark from trains.

In a further effort to promote social distancing and protect the health and safety of everyone on board its trains, Metra is asking that passengers be conscious of the recommended six-foot rule. This means that passengers should not sit in adjacent seats, should try to preserve a six-foot distance from other passengers and should not congregate in the aisles or train vestibules.

If there are not enough available seats in any given car for passengers to observe appropriate social distancing, Metra asks that they move to a different car. Metra passengers are further requested to remain in their seats until the trains reach their stations. Metra crews will accommodate the extra time required for everyone to board or leave its trains safely.

 The safety of its passengers and train crews remains Metra’s highest priority – especially during this difficult time. Metra crews will continue to be available and will walk through the trains to monitor conditions and address any passenger concerns.  


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