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Metra Board to Hire Chief Audit Officer

(February 5, 2014) - 

Metra’s Board of Directors voted at its last meeting to hire a new Chief Audit Officer (CAO). The CAO will have a dual reporting line to the executive director and The Board of Directors.  The primary duties of the CAO are to provide additional oversight of the executive director, board expenses and Metra departments including human resources and procurement.

Board Moving in New Direction

This action reflects the Board’s desire to review and reorganize staff needs, and strengthen and update corporate governance, transparency, accountability and reporting protocols. Board members want to foster a strong sense of ethics, professionalism, diligence, and behavior for Metra staff at all levels.

The CAO and audit staff will be Metra employees and subject to all Metra rules, policies and procedures.  The staff will include two attorneys and one senior level transportation professional who will monitor agency operations using best practices of the rail transit industry.  The CAO is responsible for developing and implementing an annual audit plan and reviews of the executive director’s office and Metra departments. The CAO and audit staff will make quarterly reports and updates to the Board’s Audit and Finance Committee and senior management. 

Board Chairman and Executive Leadership Strongly Support New Governance Initiative

“We are strongly committed to having a critical check and balance system in our business practices.  We believe having transparent governance is essential to rebuilding the public’s trust and confidence in Metra,” said Jack Partelow, acting board chairman.

 “I welcome the board’s decision to hire a chief audit officer.  Metra has a dedicated staff of 4,400 men and women who work hard to operate 700 trains and 300,000 passenger trips daily.  Our agency has been through a lot in the last few years and we need to continue to build rapport with our customers and respect in the rail industry,” said Don Orseno, executive director.

Finding the Right Candidate

This new position is one of several initiatives the board will implement to enhance corporate governance, accountability and transparency. To review the job description, go to www.metrarail.comand click on employment.  To apply for the Chief Audit Officer position, please

send a cover letter (which must include the position title) resume and salary history

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