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Alternate Service Schedules
First Published - 03/19/2020 - 11:56AM
  • At least at the start of June, Metra will continue operating the current alternate weekday schedules on all lines. Most Metra lines operating weekend service (except the Metra Electric) have temporarily changed to Sunday schedules for both Saturday and Sunday service. Saturday service on Metra’s SouthWest Service Line is suspended until further notice. The Metra Electric Line will continue to operate Saturday schedules on Saturdays and Sunday schedules on Sunday.
  • Metra is launching a new $10 All-Day Pass on June 1 and strongly encouraging customers to buy it in the Ventra app, giving them a “Touch Less, Pay Less” option to ride its trains safely and affordably. Click here for details.
  • For more information about Metra's COVID-19 response and service, please go to our update page.
Last Updated - 05/28/2020 - 3:49PM

Metra begins work at Mayfair Station

(July 9, 2015) - 
Metra this week began a project at the Mayfair Station on the Milwaukee North Line to replace and extend the platforms, replace the lighting and add two new shelters.
The $500,000 job is expected to take about three months to complete.
The platforms at Mayfair can now fit just three cars, which complicates and slows the boarding and exiting processes and makes it more difficult to make sure trains stopping at Mayfair do not block the nearby intersection with the UP Northwest Line. The new, extended platforms will be able to accommodate seven cars.
The extension of the platforms on both sides are being built first, and while that work is underway, trains will continue to stop at the existing platforms. When the extensions are done, trains will stop at the extensions while the old platforms are replaced. Train service will not be affected.
The work will also include new lighting and two new shelters.
The Mayfair Station is used by about 350 riders each weekday.
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