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Coronavirus information
First Published - 06/07/2020 - 2:04PM

Weekday Metra trains are operating on alternate weekday schedules posted here. Weekend trains are operating on Sunday schedules on both Saturdays and Sundays, with no weekend service on the North Central Service, Southwest Service, Heritage Corridor and the Blue Island Branch of the Metra Electric Line. For all other information relating to Metra's response to the pandemic, click here.

Last Updated - 07/07/2020 - 9:09AM

Metra beautification efforts target several stations

(November 25, 2013) - 
Metra workers equipped with hammers, paint brushes and other tools have targeted several stations along the Metra Electric and Rock Island lines in recent
weeks as part of a concentrated effort to make our stations more inviting and welcoming.
“Our stations are the gateways to our system, and we know how important it is for those gateways to give riders a great first impression,” said Interim Executive Director Don Orseno. “This program is an important effort to renew and beautify our stations so that our riders can feel safe, secure and comfortable while waiting for our trains.”
State Rep. Marcus Evans, whose district includes the 83rd St. Avalon Park Station, one of the stations that was recently spruced up, praised the program and urged Metra to do everything it can to continue the work. He toured the station with Metra officials earlier this month.
“I am here to thank you for your work and urge you to find the funding to continue your station cleanup campaign,” Evans told the Metra Board of Directors at the November meeting. “I truly believe you efforts will not go unrewarded. You will pick up many new riders who have never considered Metra because of the condition of the stations. This is a relatively inexpensive way to increase ridership and show your commitment to being a good neighbor in my community.”
This program is focusing on beautification work at our stations that can be performed by Metra workers. So far Metra has spent close to $400,000 on this effort.

Metra Electric Line

47th St.
  • Replaced wooden platforms with all new wood
  • Replaced wooden stairway with all new wood
83rd St. Avalon Park
  • Replaced wooden platform with all new wood
  • Replaced wooden rails at north and south ends
South Chicago (93rd St.)
  • Stripped and repainted several benches
University Park
  • Replaced broken windows
  • Power-washed, sanded and repainted metal stairway
  • Replaced every light bulb
  • Cleaned lenses for all lights
  • Caulked roof to eliminate leak
  • Two dozen new lens covers on order
  • New ceiling tiles on order

Rock Island Line

103rd St./Washington Heights
  • Repainted and re-sided station building
  • Replaced all soffits and fascia
  • Removed graffiti and other vandalism
107th St.
  • Repainted exterior of station building
115th St.
  • Repainting exterior of station building
  • Removed overgrown vegetation
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