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Metra Air Quality Testing

(November 17, 2010) - 
On Tuesday, November 16, 2010, Metra began testing the air quality onboard some passenger cars and at downtown terminals.
Recent questions were raised about the level of diesel emissions on downtown platforms and trains. While Metra trains are in full compliance with all Environmental Protection Agency standards, additional testing conducted on a system-wide basis will provide a more detailed picture of total air quality.
In order to fully investigate the issue, Metra has retained an independent firm, Carnow, Conibear and Associates, to test the quality of the air at downtown Metra terminals and onboard passenger coaches.
While the onboard testing will not interfere with your commute, we want to make you aware of the presence of air quality testing personnel who may be aboard your train.
Thank you for choosing Metra for your travel needs.
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