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COVID-19 Information
First Published - 04/05/2021 - 5:27PM

Metra trains are operating on alternate schedules that we will update regularly to meet increasing demand. For the latest schedules, click hereFor information about Metra's response to the pandemic, click here.

Last Updated - 05/14/2021 - 1:43PM

A Message to Milwaukee District West Riders

(October 23, 2013) - 

We would like to thank our Milwaukee West Line riders for their patience and understanding during the unfortunate delays on Monday night.

As you know, an inbound train struck a semi-trailer near the Bartlett Station at the beginning of rush hour, derailing the lead car of the train and scattering debris over the inbound and outbound tracks. Rather than hold outbound trains downtown until the tracks were clear, we made the decision to operate them as far as possible, and get as many people home as possible. At first, trains could get to Hanover Park and then, as they stacked up behind the blocked tracks, to Roselle.

Thanks to our friends at Pace, we were able to supply some limited bus shuttles to other stations down the line - something that is usually very difficult in rush hour. And thanks to some excellent cooperation from the Bartlett Police and Fire Departments, we were able to expedite the reopening of one of the two tracks so that our trains could ultimately get through, albeit with lengthy delays.

As with most events of this nature, we operated as best we could given the uncertainty involved with not knowing when the tracks would reopen, and we tried to supply riders with information that kept up with the rapidly changing developments. We regret the disruption to your commute.

Thank you for riding Metra,

Don Orseno
Interim Executive Director

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