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Emissions Testing Update

(March 2, 2011) - 
Metra’s Emissions Task Force, formed by the rail agency to investigate the level of diesel emissions on trains and downtown platforms and to identify ways to improve air quality, met March 2 to discuss recent activity. Metra has already tested the air quality on its cars and at its downtown stations and is now working on a third phase of testing, in its locomotive cabs, cab cars and maintenance shops. At this most recent meeting, Metra announced plans to conduct another round of tests on its passenger cars to better understand the readings it found in the first round. In addition, it will test cars equipped with a higher-quality filter and new hoods placed over the air intakes. It will also continue to explore other ways to reduce diesel emissions and to secure funding to carry out the necessary changes. Meetings of the committee subgroups will be convened in the coming weeks.
Click here for a PowerPoint summary of the March 2 meeting.
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