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Metra and Transparency

COVID-19 Information
First Published - 04/05/2021 - 5:27PM

Metra trains are operating on alternate schedules that we will update regularly to meet increasing demand. For the latest schedules, click hereFor information about Metra's response to the pandemic, click here.

Last Updated - 06/01/2021 - 8:03AM

FOIA 2015

15-FOIA-269 Lopez, Daniel ABC 12/29/15 Request
15-FOIA-268 Katie, Kim NBC 12/29/15 Request
15-FOIA-267 Anderson, Damara WBBM-TV 12/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-266 Gannon, Matthew M. Healy Scanion Law Firm 12/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-265 Unknown Metropolitan Reporting Bureau 12/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-264 Allen, Walter Individual 12/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-263 Weidner, Wendi Blue Wold Partners 12/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-262 Unknown Metropolitan Reporting Bureau 12/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-261 Sheehy, Kevin B. Individual 12/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-260 Halka-Peel, Lynette Individual 12/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-259 Hamilton, Daniel L. Brown, Hay & Stephens 12/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-258 Downs, Jennifer Pinkerton Employment Screening 12/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-257 Gross, Eric Individual 11/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-256 Chavez, Jennice D. WBBM-TV 12/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-255 Zika, Glenn C. Kiewit Infrastructure 12/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-254 McKinnon, Shameika Individual 12/02/15 Request
15-FOIA-253 Tancula, Thomas Rail World, Inc. 11/30/15 Request
15-FOIA-252 Burden, Nicole Individual 11/23/15 Request
15-FOIA-251 Shepard, Antwoine Individual 11/30/15 Request
15-FOIA-250 McGrath, Steph City of Wheaton Historical Commission 11/25/15 Request
15-FOIA-249 Morgan, Pat Action Mobile 11/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-248 Milburn, Tim Green Ways 2Go 11/23/15 Request
15-FOIA-247 Delack, Nathan Delack Media Group 11/23/15 Request
15-FOIA-246 Fossella, Jason Individual 11/23/15 Request
15-FOIA-245 Powers, Pam Presitge Metals 11/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-244 Lichter, Michael Individual 11/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-243 Hamilton, Daniel L. Brown, Hay & Stephens 11/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-242 Hilkevitch, Jon Chicago Tribune 11/12/15 Request
15-FOIA-241 Warren, B.B. LexisNexis 11/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-240 Bebero, Rock J. Construction Market Data Group 11/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-239 Burns, Charles P. Jacobs, Burns, Orlove & Hernandez 11/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-238 Stevenson, Adam Individual 11/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-237 Dowd, William C. Law Offices of William C. Dowd 11/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-236 Delack, Nathan Delack Media Group 11/10/15 Request
15-FOIA-235 Skinner, Cal McHenry County Blog 11/05/15 Request
15-FOIA-234 Garrett-Wallace, Pamela Individual 10/23/15 Request
15-FOIA-233 Raupp, Lauren E. Phillips Cymerman & Stein 11/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-232 Chacon, Ingrid Individual 11/02/15 Request
15-FOIA-231 Hamilton, Daniel L. Brown, Hay & Stephens 10/30/15 Request
15-FOIA-230 Anderson, Jacqueline Individual 10/29/15 Request
15-FOIA-229 Szymanskyj, Margie Individual 10/29/15 Request
15-FOIA-228 Jentzsch, Steve LexisNexis 10/27/15 Request
15-FOIA-227 Sangiacomo, Alan C. Law Office of Alan C. Sangiacomo 10/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-226 Duffy, John Individual 10/27/15 Request
15-FOIA-225 Siriano, Anthony Transportation Communications Union 10/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-224 Siriano, Anthony Transportation Communications Union 10/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-223 Heard-Powell Individual 10/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-222 Jentzsch, Steve LexisNexis 10/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-221 Tressel, Christine WLS-TV 10/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-220 Fossella Individual 10/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-219 Tressel, Christine WLS-TV 10/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-218 Swiatek Individual 10/21/15 Request
15-FOIA-217 Akers, Susan Weaver Consultants Group 10/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-216 Marcus, Brian Unipak 10/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-215 McWhirt, Jessica American DataBank 10/19/15 Request
15-FOIA-214 Hamilton, Daniel Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP 10/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-213 Kristopans, Andre Individual 10/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-212 Flores, Yolanda Pullano Law Offices 10/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-211 Unknown Metropolitan Reporting Bureau 10/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-210 Covic, Almira CBCS Claims 10/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-209 Clement, Damian Individual 10/08/15 Request
15-FOIA-208 Rehkamp, Patrick Better Government Assn. 10/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-207 Chang, Kevin Individual 10/08/15 Request
15-FOIA-206 Youngerman, Michele CBS2 10/06/15 Request
15-FOIA-205 Hamman, Michaele Republic Services 10/06/15 Request
15-FOIA-204 Tressel, Christine WLS-TV 10/05/15 Request
15-FOIA-203 Sweet, Lynn Chicago Sun-Times 10/02/15 Request
15-FOIA-202 Hamilton, Daniel L. Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP 09/30/15 Request
15-FOIA-201 Holmes, Brian J. Hurley McKenna & Mertz, P.C. 09/30/15 Request
15-FOIA-200 Parrish, Cherita E. Allstate Insurance Co. 09/29/15 Request
15-FOIA-199 Macek, David Spahn Breckinridge & Assoc. 09/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-198 Shumpert, Ta Shaunda RJB Properties 09/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-197 Upton, Deneen Commercial 09/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-196 Lotti, Michael Individual 09/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-195 Gersch, Patricia Individual 09/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-194 Buoscio, Alex Individual 09/18/15 Request
15-FOIA-193 Hall Individual 09/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-192 Goyette, Phil Argionis & Assoc., LLC 09/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-191 Peng Individual 09/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-190 Douglass Individual 09/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-189 Brown Individual 09/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-188 Harvey Individual 09/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-187 Harrington, Joseph W. Carnow, Conibear & Assoc., Ltd. 09/10/15 Request
15-FOIA-186 McMillian, Xavier Individual 09/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-185 Chase, John Chicago Tribune 09/08/15 Request
15-FOIA-184 Fusco, Chris Chicago Sun-Times 09/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-183 Morris, Jay Individual 09/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-182 Hamilton, Daniel L. Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP 09/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-181 Carlton, Robert Individual 09/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-180 Batesman, James P. Batesman Law Offices, Ltd. 09/01/15 Request
15-FOIA-179 Goetzke, Greg Black Dog Corp 09/01/15 Request
15-FOIA-178 Peterson, Stacia Law Office or Scott D. DeSalvo 08/31/15 Request
15-FOIA-177   Not Treated as FOIA 09/01/15  
15-FOIA-176 Rehkamp, Patrick Better Government Association 08/31/15 Request
15-FOIA-175 Myklebust, Sara AFL-CIO 08/31/15 Request
15-FOIA-174 Koback, Robert Russel G. Winick & Assoc., P.C. 08/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-173 Boumenot, Albert Commercial 08/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-172 Floress, Vincent P. WBBM-TV 08/25/15 Request
15-FOIA-171 Ramey, Dana Brackenbox 08/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-170 Reiter, Brenda Individual 08/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-169 Roche, Charlene SmartProcure 08/21/15 Request
15-FOIA-168 Collins, Jessica Individual 08/21/15 Request
15-FOIA-167 Genson, Sheila The Law Office of Shelia A. Genson, Ltd. 08/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-166 McMannon, Erin Donohue Brown Mathewson & Smyth LLC 08/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-165 Carlton, Robert Individual 08/19/15 Request
15-FOIA-164 Hayes, Rosemary Individual 08/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-163 Morris, Sheila Occupational Training & Supply, Inc 08/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-162 Unger, Samuel WGN-TV 08/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-161 Batesman, James P. Batesman Law Offices, Ltd. 08/12/15 Request
15-FOIA-160 Civljak, Mikel Individual 08/12/15 Request
15-FOIA-159 Reed-Murphy, Sherron Individual 08/10/15 Request
15-FOIA-158 Golden, Alfred C. Individual 08/10/15 Request
15-FOIA-157 Rodgers, Heather LexisNexis 08/10/15 Request
15-FOIA-156 Hamilton, Daniel L. Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP 08/10/15 Request
15-FOIA-155 Unknown Metropolitan Reporting Bureau 08/05/15 Request
15-FOIA-154 Gardiner, Ardeth Individual 08/05/15 Request
15-FOIA-153 Pratt, Gregory Chicago Tribune 08/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-152 Tremaglio, Steven Individual 08/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-151 Langon, Lee Olympia Club Homeowners Assoc. 07/27/15 Request
15-FOIA-150 Kosich, Jennifer Mossing & Navarre, LLC 07/29/15 Request
15-FOIA-149 Raines, Karen Individual 07/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-148 Heebner, Tom Individual 07/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-147 Washington, Charles Individual 07/27/15 Request
15-FOIA-146 Thisted, Linda Coalition for Equitable Community Development 07/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-145 Garriga, Ivana Chicago United Industries, Ltd. 07/23/15 Request
15-FOIA-144 Bettenhausen, Sarah John Burns Construction Co. 07/21/15 Request
15-FOIA-143 Johnson, Christopher Katz Friedman 07/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-142 Walker, Felicia Individual 07/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-141 Misner, Julie Individual 07/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-140 Dillow, Patricia Costello, McMahon, Burke & Murphy, Ltd. 07/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-139 Animashaun, Akeeb Individual 07/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-138 Grabowski, Eric Eco-Clean Maintenance, Inc. 07/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-137 Trevino, William I.B.E.W. 07/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-136 Vold, Denise B. Rubin, Machado & Rosenblum, Ltd. 07/08/15 Request
15-FOIA-135 Herguth, Robert Better Government Assn. 07/21/15 Request
15-FOIA-134 Herguth, Robert Better Government Assn. 07/21/15 Request
15-FOIA-133 Joiner, Zachary F. Terracon 07/06/15 Request
15-FOIA-132 Miller, Howie Solvent Systems International, Inc. 07/02/15 Request
15-FOIA-131 Noland, Michael NICTD 07/01/15 Request
15-FOIA-130 Trice, LaToya Individual 06/12/15 Request
15-FOIA-129 Tressel, Christine WLS-TV 07/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-128 Woffors, Maria Individual 06/25/15 Request
15-FOIA-127 Gevirtz, Max Grant Thornton LLP 06/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-126 Alvarez, Cindy Alvarez Corp 06/23/15 Request
15-FOIA-125 Tate, Lashonda Individual 06/19/15 Request
15-FOIA-124 Glissendorf, Herbert Individual 06/19/15 Request
15-FOIA-123 Plunkett, Michelle Individual 06/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-122 Balonek, James J. B.L.E.T. 06/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-121 Engstrom, Stephanie Irwin Fisk Kart Katz Regan & Levy, Ltd. 06/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-120 Unknown Metropolitan Reporting Bureau 06/08/15 Request
15-FOIA-119 Weber, John Individual 06/08/15 Request
15-FOIA-118 Crivellone, Phillip Howard & Howard 06/05/15 Request
15-FOIA-117 Downs, Maura L. Krieg DeVault LLP 06/05/15 Request
15-FOIA-116 Driver, Paula A. Individual 06/02/15 Request
15-FOIA-115 Paterson, William Biersdorf & Associates 06/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-114 Barhorst, Stacie Kaplan, Papadakis & Gournis, P.C. 06/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-113 Stiles, Nancy Individual 06/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-112 Stoynoff, Steve Laborers District Council-LMCC 06/02/15 Request
15-FOIA-111 Valoz, Marco Individual 06/01/15 Request
15-FOIA-110 Kuykendall, Tracy Individual 05/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-109 Porchia, Harvey WBBM-TV 05/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-108 Wood, Kimberly LexisNexis 05/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-107 Garbrecht, Nancy III FFC 05/18/15 Request
15-FOIA-106 Schiff, Matthew B. Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Hammer LLP 05/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-105 Conigliaro, Debby Asplundh 05/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-104 Schiff, Matthew B. Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Hammer LLP 05/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-103 Held, Robert S. Individual 05/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-102 Kresch, Joseph Metra Transit Police Association 05/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-101 Kresch, Joeseph Metra Transit Police Association 05/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-100 Finan, Mike The Fence Store 05/08/15 Request
15-FOIA-099 Tucker, Dorothy WBBM-TV 05/06/15 Request
15-FOIA-098 Boyd, Renee Petroleum Traders 05/06/15 Request
15-FOIA-097 Kresch, Joseph Metra Police Association 04/29/15 Request
15-FOIA-096 Schlossberg, Ruth A. Zukowski Rodgers Flood & McArdle 04/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-095 Butera, Kenneth Individual 04/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-094 Bowling, Joyce LexisNexis 04/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-093 Garriga, Ivana Chicago United Industries, Ltd. 04/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-092 Kwiecinski, Terri & Richard Individual 04/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-091 Warren, Daniel Individual 04/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-090 Ombres, Michael Summit Security Services, Inc. 04/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-089 Ku, Jenny Sandulli Grace 04/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-088 Jubelirer, Josh TTX Company 04/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-087 Glover, Chris Individual 04/21/15 Request
15-FOIA-086 Gibson, Marcia LexisNexis 04/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-085 Odesho, Versa Law Firm of Michael C. Goode 04/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-084 Fernandez, Janice Individual 04/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-083 Wilburn, Dr. Lolita A. Back to Health Chiro-Med 04/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-082 Herguth, Robert Better Government Assn. 04/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-081 Beckman, Rogan Calumet Harbor Lumber 04/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-080 Ahmed, Irshaad Valdes Supply 04/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-079 Ahmed, Irshaad Valdes Supply 04/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-078 Roche, Charlene SmartProcure 04/10/15 Request
15-FOIA-077 Youngerman, Michele CBS2 04/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-076 Garriga, Ivana Chicago United Industries, Ltd.  04/07/15 Request
15-FOIA-075 Garriga, Ivana Chicago United Industries, Ltd. 04/07/15 Request
15-FOIA-074 Paprzyca, Kristina Burnham Nationwide, Inc. 04/06/15 Request
15-FOIA-073 Zook, Kathleen Individual 04/07/15 Request
15-FOIA-072 Goetzke, Greg Black Dog Corp 04/06/15 Request
15-FOIA-071 Slesinger, Eilene Aquations 04/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-070 Hopkins, Stacey Individual 03/30/15 Request
15-FOIA-069 Marcus, Brian Unipak Corp 03/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-068 Gange, Paul Complete Landscaping 03/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-067 Hill, Stan Infor Public Sector, Inc. 03/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-066 Tryban, Esther Individual 03/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-065 Upton, Deneen Individual 03/25/15 Request
15-FOIA-064 Marquez, Daniel Aztec Supply 03/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-063 Myklebust, Sara AFL-CIO 03/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-062 Bachman, Ted Individual 03/23/15 Request
15-FOIA-061 Alvarez, Cindy Alvarez, Inc. 03/19/15 Request
15-FOIA-060 Zook, Kathleen Individual 03/19/15 Request
15-FOIA-059 Shabani, Merita Metalmaster-Roofmaster 03/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-058 Warr, Stephanie Individual 02/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-057 Cushing III, F. John Law Offices of F. John Cushing III, P.C. 03/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-056 Sepanski, Kathy Greer Burns & Crain 03/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-055 Kokoneshi, Renisa Carnow, Conibear & Assoc., Ltd. 03/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-054 Hamilton, Daniel L. Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP 03/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-053 Wronski, Richard Chicago Tribune 03/12/15 Request
15-FOIA-052 Kanacevic, Samira CBS2 03/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-051 Willis, Angela Individual 03/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-050 Wallace, Kristen Individual 03/10/15 Request
15-FOIA-049 Noonan, Pat Carpenters Local 1185 03/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-048 Blumberg, Richard Individual 03/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-047 Hamilton, Daniel L. Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP 03/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-046 Adams, Jennifer LexisNexis 03/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-045 Trippett, Samantha Mercier's Inc. 03/02/15 Request
15-FOIA-044 Ahmed, Irshaad Valdes Supply 03/02/15 Request
15-FOIA-043 Gerage, Vince VCG Uniform 02/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-042 Rinella, Bob Individual 02/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-041 Gainsberg, Neal S. Gainsberg Law, P.C. 02/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-040 Mott, Tammy LexisNexis 02/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-039 St. Clair, Sylvia Individual 02/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-038 Wallace, Kristen Individual 02/19/15 Request
15-FOIA-037 Smith, J. Individual 02/18/15 Request
15-FOIA-036 Colonus, Angel Metropolitan Reporting Bureau 02/18/15 Request
15-FOIA-035 Emalfarb, Hal Emalfarb, Swan and Bain 02/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-034 Gainsberg, Neal S. Gainsberg Law, P.C. 02/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-033 Powers, Esq., Jennifer M. Powers & Moon 02/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-032   Not Treated as FOIA 02/12/15  
15-FOIA-031 Downs, Maura L. Krieg DeVault LLP 02/12/15 Request
15-FOIA-030 Crawford, Michael Ricoh-USA 02/12/15 Request
15-FOIA-029 Volkening, Scott Fox Valley Fire 02/12/15 Request
15-FOIA-028 Harris, Terrance J. Individual 02/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-027 Weidner, Ryan M. GrayBaR 02/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-026 Durnell, Amanda Petroleum Traders 02/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-025 Fascullo, Louis Individual 02/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-024 Kiefer, Matt Better Government Assn. 02/06/15 Request
15-FOIA-023 Dawkins, Jr., Randall Individual 02/05/15 Request
15-FOIA-022 Saddler, Gwendolyn Individual 02/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-021 Egan, Paul Detroit Free Press 02/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-020 McGee, Wendell U.S. Department of Labor 01/29/15 Request
15-FOIA-019 Story, Douglas Individual 01/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-018 Zepeda, Rafael Individual 01/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-017 Gerage, Vince VCG Uniform 01/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-016 Fasullo, Louis Individual 01/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-015 Harrington III, Cornelius J. Kenneth J. Allen Law Group 01/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-014 Harrington III, Cornelius J. Kenneth J. Allen Law Group 01/21/15 Request
15-FOIA-013 Baldoni, Pia M. Individual 01/01/15 Request
15-FOIA-012 Kresch, Joseph Metra Transit Police Association 01/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-011 Fasullo, Louis Individual 01/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-010 Ford, Jermaine Individual 01/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-009 Froncek, Maureen A. Roosevelt University 01/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-008 Himidian, Haig A. Glen J. Dunn & Assoc., Ltd. 01/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-007 Hummel, Brandon Individual 01/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-006 Bradfield, Jean J. P. Simons & Co. 01/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-005 Benavides, Johanna U.S. Health Works 01/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-004 Pyke, Marni Daily Herald 01/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-003 Kresch, Joseph Metra Transit Police Association 01/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-002 Garriga, Ivana Chicago United Industries, Ltd. 01/05/15 Request
15-FOIA-001 Rossi, Rosalind Chicago Sun-Times 01/02/15 Request
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