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Metra and Transparency

Elimination of Ticket-by-Internet program
First Published - 04/27/2018 - 10:24AM

Due to declining internet ticket sales, Metra is eliminating the Ticket-by-Internet program – which includes recurring orders and one-time sales of Monthly Passes and 10-Ride Tickets on its website. The last day to purchase a Monthly Pass (July) via this program will be June 20 and the last day to purchase a 10-Ride Ticket will be June 30. This action is part of a continuing effort by Metra to identify ways to reduce expenses. Please see alternate purchasing options here.

Last Updated - 05/14/2018 - 3:06PM

FOIA 2015

15-FOIA-269 Lopez, Daniel ABC 12/29/15 Request
15-FOIA-268 Katie, Kim NBC 12/29/15 Request
15-FOIA-267 Anderson, Damara WBBM-TV 12/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-266 Gannon, Matthew M. Healy Scanion Law Firm 12/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-265 Unknown Metropolitan Reporting Bureau 12/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-264 Allen, Walter Individual 12/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-263 Weidner, Wendi Blue Wold Partners 12/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-262 Unknown Metropolitan Reporting Bureau 12/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-261 Sheehy, Kevin B. Individual 12/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-260 Halka-Peel, Lynette Individual 12/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-259 Hamilton, Daniel L. Brown, Hay & Stephens 12/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-258 Downs, Jennifer Pinkerton Employment Screening 12/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-257 Gross, Eric Individual 11/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-256 Chavez, Jennice D. WBBM-TV 12/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-255 Zika, Glenn C. Kiewit Infrastructure 12/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-254 McKinnon, Shameika Individual 12/02/15 Request
15-FOIA-253 Tancula, Thomas Rail World, Inc. 11/30/15 Request
15-FOIA-252 Burden, Nicole Individual 11/23/15 Request
15-FOIA-251 Shepard, Antwoine Individual 11/30/15 Request
15-FOIA-250 McGrath, Steph City of Wheaton Historical Commission 11/25/15 Request
15-FOIA-249 Morgan, Pat Action Mobile 11/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-248 Milburn, Tim Green Ways 2Go 11/23/15 Request
15-FOIA-247 Delack, Nathan Delack Media Group 11/23/15 Request
15-FOIA-246 Fossella, Jason Individual 11/23/15 Request
15-FOIA-245 Powers, Pam Presitge Metals 11/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-244 Lichter, Michael Individual 11/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-243 Hamilton, Daniel L. Brown, Hay & Stephens 11/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-242 Hilkevitch, Jon Chicago Tribune 11/12/15 Request
15-FOIA-241 Warren, B.B. LexisNexis 11/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-240 Bebero, Rock J. Construction Market Data Group 11/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-239 Burns, Charles P. Jacobs, Burns, Orlove & Hernandez 11/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-238 Stevenson, Adam Individual 11/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-237 Dowd, William C. Law Offices of William C. Dowd 11/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-236 Delack, Nathan Delack Media Group 11/10/15 Request
15-FOIA-235 Skinner, Cal McHenry County Blog 11/05/15 Request
15-FOIA-234 Garrett-Wallace, Pamela Individual 10/23/15 Request
15-FOIA-233 Raupp, Lauren E. Phillips Cymerman & Stein 11/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-232 Chacon, Ingrid Individual 11/02/15 Request
15-FOIA-231 Hamilton, Daniel L. Brown, Hay & Stephens 10/30/15 Request
15-FOIA-230 Anderson, Jacqueline Individual 10/29/15 Request
15-FOIA-229 Szymanskyj, Margie Individual 10/29/15 Request
15-FOIA-228 Jentzsch, Steve LexisNexis 10/27/15 Request
15-FOIA-227 Sangiacomo, Alan C. Law Office of Alan C. Sangiacomo 10/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-226 Duffy, John Individual 10/27/15 Request
15-FOIA-225 Siriano, Anthony Transportation Communications Union 10/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-224 Siriano, Anthony Transportation Communications Union 10/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-223 Heard-Powell Individual 10/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-222 Jentzsch, Steve LexisNexis 10/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-221 Tressel, Christine WLS-TV 10/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-220 Fossella Individual 10/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-219 Tressel, Christine WLS-TV 10/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-218 Swiatek Individual 10/21/15 Request
15-FOIA-217 Akers, Susan Weaver Consultants Group 10/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-216 Marcus, Brian Unipak 10/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-215 McWhirt, Jessica American DataBank 10/19/15 Request
15-FOIA-214 Hamilton, Daniel Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP 10/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-213 Kristopans, Andre Individual 10/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-212 Flores, Yolanda Pullano Law Offices 10/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-211 Unknown Metropolitan Reporting Bureau 10/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-210 Covic, Almira CBCS Claims 10/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-209 Clement, Damian Individual 10/08/15 Request
15-FOIA-208 Rehkamp, Patrick Better Government Assn. 10/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-207 Chang, Kevin Individual 10/08/15 Request
15-FOIA-206 Youngerman, Michele CBS2 10/06/15 Request
15-FOIA-205 Hamman, Michaele Republic Services 10/06/15 Request
15-FOIA-204 Tressel, Christine WLS-TV 10/05/15 Request
15-FOIA-203 Sweet, Lynn Chicago Sun-Times 10/02/15 Request
15-FOIA-202 Hamilton, Daniel L. Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP 09/30/15 Request
15-FOIA-201 Holmes, Brian J. Hurley McKenna & Mertz, P.C. 09/30/15 Request
15-FOIA-200 Parrish, Cherita E. Allstate Insurance Co. 09/29/15 Request
15-FOIA-199 Macek, David Spahn Breckinridge & Assoc. 09/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-198 Shumpert, Ta Shaunda RJB Properties 09/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-197 Upton, Deneen Commercial 09/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-196 Lotti, Michael Individual 09/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-195 Gersch, Patricia Individual 09/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-194 Buoscio, Alex Individual 09/18/15 Request
15-FOIA-193 Hall Individual 09/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-192 Goyette, Phil Argionis & Assoc., LLC 09/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-191 Peng Individual 09/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-190 Douglass Individual 09/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-189 Brown Individual 09/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-188 Harvey Individual 09/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-187 Harrington, Joseph W. Carnow, Conibear & Assoc., Ltd. 09/10/15 Request
15-FOIA-186 McMillian, Xavier Individual 09/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-185 Chase, John Chicago Tribune 09/08/15 Request
15-FOIA-184 Fusco, Chris Chicago Sun-Times 09/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-183 Morris, Jay Individual 09/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-182 Hamilton, Daniel L. Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP 09/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-181 Carlton, Robert Individual 09/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-180 Batesman, James P. Batesman Law Offices, Ltd. 09/01/15 Request
15-FOIA-179 Goetzke, Greg Black Dog Corp 09/01/15 Request
15-FOIA-178 Peterson, Stacia Law Office or Scott D. DeSalvo 08/31/15 Request
15-FOIA-177   Not Treated as FOIA 09/01/15  
15-FOIA-176 Rehkamp, Patrick Better Government Association 08/31/15 Request
15-FOIA-175 Myklebust, Sara AFL-CIO 08/31/15 Request
15-FOIA-174 Koback, Robert Russel G. Winick & Assoc., P.C. 08/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-173 Boumenot, Albert Commercial 08/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-172 Floress, Vincent P. WBBM-TV 08/25/15 Request
15-FOIA-171 Ramey, Dana Brackenbox 08/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-170 Reiter, Brenda Individual 08/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-169 Roche, Charlene SmartProcure 08/21/15 Request
15-FOIA-168 Collins, Jessica Individual 08/21/15 Request
15-FOIA-167 Genson, Sheila The Law Office of Shelia A. Genson, Ltd. 08/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-166 McMannon, Erin Donohue Brown Mathewson & Smyth LLC 08/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-165 Carlton, Robert Individual 08/19/15 Request
15-FOIA-164 Hayes, Rosemary Individual 08/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-163 Morris, Sheila Occupational Training & Supply, Inc 08/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-162 Unger, Samuel WGN-TV 08/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-161 Batesman, James P. Batesman Law Offices, Ltd. 08/12/15 Request
15-FOIA-160 Civljak, Mikel Individual 08/12/15 Request
15-FOIA-159 Reed-Murphy, Sherron Individual 08/10/15 Request
15-FOIA-158 Golden, Alfred C. Individual 08/10/15 Request
15-FOIA-157 Rodgers, Heather LexisNexis 08/10/15 Request
15-FOIA-156 Hamilton, Daniel L. Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP 08/10/15 Request
15-FOIA-155 Unknown Metropolitan Reporting Bureau 08/05/15 Request
15-FOIA-154 Gardiner, Ardeth Individual 08/05/15 Request
15-FOIA-153 Pratt, Gregory Chicago Tribune 08/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-152 Tremaglio, Steven Individual 08/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-151 Langon, Lee Olympia Club Homeowners Assoc. 07/27/15 Request
15-FOIA-150 Kosich, Jennifer Mossing & Navarre, LLC 07/29/15 Request
15-FOIA-149 Raines, Karen Individual 07/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-148 Heebner, Tom Individual 07/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-147 Washington, Charles Individual 07/27/15 Request
15-FOIA-146 Thisted, Linda Coalition for Equitable Community Development 07/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-145 Garriga, Ivana Chicago United Industries, Ltd. 07/23/15 Request
15-FOIA-144 Bettenhausen, Sarah John Burns Construction Co. 07/21/15 Request
15-FOIA-143 Johnson, Christopher Katz Friedman 07/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-142 Walker, Felicia Individual 07/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-141 Misner, Julie Individual 07/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-140 Dillow, Patricia Costello, McMahon, Burke & Murphy, Ltd. 07/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-139 Animashaun, Akeeb Individual 07/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-138 Grabowski, Eric Eco-Clean Maintenance, Inc. 07/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-137 Trevino, William I.B.E.W. 07/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-136 Vold, Denise B. Rubin, Machado & Rosenblum, Ltd. 07/08/15 Request
15-FOIA-135 Herguth, Robert Better Government Assn. 07/21/15 Request
15-FOIA-134 Herguth, Robert Better Government Assn. 07/21/15 Request
15-FOIA-133 Joiner, Zachary F. Terracon 07/06/15 Request
15-FOIA-132 Miller, Howie Solvent Systems International, Inc. 07/02/15 Request
15-FOIA-131 Noland, Michael NICTD 07/01/15 Request
15-FOIA-130 Trice, LaToya Individual 06/12/15 Request
15-FOIA-129 Tressel, Christine WLS-TV 07/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-128 Woffors, Maria Individual 06/25/15 Request
15-FOIA-127 Gevirtz, Max Grant Thornton LLP 06/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-126 Alvarez, Cindy Alvarez Corp 06/23/15 Request
15-FOIA-125 Tate, Lashonda Individual 06/19/15 Request
15-FOIA-124 Glissendorf, Herbert Individual 06/19/15 Request
15-FOIA-123 Plunkett, Michelle Individual 06/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-122 Balonek, James J. B.L.E.T. 06/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-121 Engstrom, Stephanie Irwin Fisk Kart Katz Regan & Levy, Ltd. 06/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-120 Unknown Metropolitan Reporting Bureau 06/08/15 Request
15-FOIA-119 Weber, John Individual 06/08/15 Request
15-FOIA-118 Crivellone, Phillip Howard & Howard 06/05/15 Request
15-FOIA-117 Downs, Maura L. Krieg DeVault LLP 06/05/15 Request
15-FOIA-116 Driver, Paula A. Individual 06/02/15 Request
15-FOIA-115 Paterson, William Biersdorf & Associates 06/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-114 Barhorst, Stacie Kaplan, Papadakis & Gournis, P.C. 06/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-113 Stiles, Nancy Individual 06/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-112 Stoynoff, Steve Laborers District Council-LMCC 06/02/15 Request
15-FOIA-111 Valoz, Marco Individual 06/01/15 Request
15-FOIA-110 Kuykendall, Tracy Individual 05/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-109 Porchia, Harvey WBBM-TV 05/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-108 Wood, Kimberly LexisNexis 05/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-107 Garbrecht, Nancy III FFC 05/18/15 Request
15-FOIA-106 Schiff, Matthew B. Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Hammer LLP 05/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-105 Conigliaro, Debby Asplundh 05/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-104 Schiff, Matthew B. Sugar Felsenthal Grais & Hammer LLP 05/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-103 Held, Robert S. Individual 05/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-102 Kresch, Joseph Metra Transit Police Association 05/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-101 Kresch, Joeseph Metra Transit Police Association 05/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-100 Finan, Mike The Fence Store 05/08/15 Request
15-FOIA-099 Tucker, Dorothy WBBM-TV 05/06/15 Request
15-FOIA-098 Boyd, Renee Petroleum Traders 05/06/15 Request
15-FOIA-097 Kresch, Joseph Metra Police Association 04/29/15 Request
15-FOIA-096 Schlossberg, Ruth A. Zukowski Rodgers Flood & McArdle 04/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-095 Butera, Kenneth Individual 04/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-094 Bowling, Joyce LexisNexis 04/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-093 Garriga, Ivana Chicago United Industries, Ltd. 04/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-092 Kwiecinski, Terri & Richard Individual 04/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-091 Warren, Daniel Individual 04/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-090 Ombres, Michael Summit Security Services, Inc. 04/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-089 Ku, Jenny Sandulli Grace 04/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-088 Jubelirer, Josh TTX Company 04/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-087 Glover, Chris Individual 04/21/15 Request
15-FOIA-086 Gibson, Marcia LexisNexis 04/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-085 Odesho, Versa Law Firm of Michael C. Goode 04/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-084 Fernandez, Janice Individual 04/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-083 Wilburn, Dr. Lolita A. Back to Health Chiro-Med 04/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-082 Herguth, Robert Better Government Assn. 04/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-081 Beckman, Rogan Calumet Harbor Lumber 04/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-080 Ahmed, Irshaad Valdes Supply 04/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-079 Ahmed, Irshaad Valdes Supply 04/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-078 Roche, Charlene SmartProcure 04/10/15 Request
15-FOIA-077 Youngerman, Michele CBS2 04/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-076 Garriga, Ivana Chicago United Industries, Ltd.  04/07/15 Request
15-FOIA-075 Garriga, Ivana Chicago United Industries, Ltd. 04/07/15 Request
15-FOIA-074 Paprzyca, Kristina Burnham Nationwide, Inc. 04/06/15 Request
15-FOIA-073 Zook, Kathleen Individual 04/07/15 Request
15-FOIA-072 Goetzke, Greg Black Dog Corp 04/06/15 Request
15-FOIA-071 Slesinger, Eilene Aquations 04/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-070 Hopkins, Stacey Individual 03/30/15 Request
15-FOIA-069 Marcus, Brian Unipak Corp 03/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-068 Gange, Paul Complete Landscaping 03/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-067 Hill, Stan Infor Public Sector, Inc. 03/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-066 Tryban, Esther Individual 03/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-065 Upton, Deneen Individual 03/25/15 Request
15-FOIA-064 Marquez, Daniel Aztec Supply 03/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-063 Myklebust, Sara AFL-CIO 03/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-062 Bachman, Ted Individual 03/23/15 Request
15-FOIA-061 Alvarez, Cindy Alvarez, Inc. 03/19/15 Request
15-FOIA-060 Zook, Kathleen Individual 03/19/15 Request
15-FOIA-059 Shabani, Merita Metalmaster-Roofmaster 03/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-058 Warr, Stephanie Individual 02/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-057 Cushing III, F. John Law Offices of F. John Cushing III, P.C. 03/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-056 Sepanski, Kathy Greer Burns & Crain 03/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-055 Kokoneshi, Renisa Carnow, Conibear & Assoc., Ltd. 03/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-054 Hamilton, Daniel L. Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP 03/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-053 Wronski, Richard Chicago Tribune 03/12/15 Request
15-FOIA-052 Kanacevic, Samira CBS2 03/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-051 Willis, Angela Individual 03/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-050 Wallace, Kristen Individual 03/10/15 Request
15-FOIA-049 Noonan, Pat Carpenters Local 1185 03/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-048 Blumberg, Richard Individual 03/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-047 Hamilton, Daniel L. Brown, Hay & Stephens, LLP 03/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-046 Adams, Jennifer LexisNexis 03/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-045 Trippett, Samantha Mercier's Inc. 03/02/15 Request
15-FOIA-044 Ahmed, Irshaad Valdes Supply 03/02/15 Request
15-FOIA-043 Gerage, Vince VCG Uniform 02/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-042 Rinella, Bob Individual 02/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-041 Gainsberg, Neal S. Gainsberg Law, P.C. 02/24/15 Request
15-FOIA-040 Mott, Tammy LexisNexis 02/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-039 St. Clair, Sylvia Individual 02/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-038 Wallace, Kristen Individual 02/19/15 Request
15-FOIA-037 Smith, J. Individual 02/18/15 Request
15-FOIA-036 Colonus, Angel Metropolitan Reporting Bureau 02/18/15 Request
15-FOIA-035 Emalfarb, Hal Emalfarb, Swan and Bain 02/17/15 Request
15-FOIA-034 Gainsberg, Neal S. Gainsberg Law, P.C. 02/16/15 Request
15-FOIA-033 Powers, Esq., Jennifer M. Powers & Moon 02/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-032   Not Treated as FOIA 02/12/15  
15-FOIA-031 Downs, Maura L. Krieg DeVault LLP 02/12/15 Request
15-FOIA-030 Crawford, Michael Ricoh-USA 02/12/15 Request
15-FOIA-029 Volkening, Scott Fox Valley Fire 02/12/15 Request
15-FOIA-028 Harris, Terrance J. Individual 02/11/15 Request
15-FOIA-027 Weidner, Ryan M. GrayBaR 02/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-026 Durnell, Amanda Petroleum Traders 02/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-025 Fascullo, Louis Individual 02/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-024 Kiefer, Matt Better Government Assn. 02/06/15 Request
15-FOIA-023 Dawkins, Jr., Randall Individual 02/05/15 Request
15-FOIA-022 Saddler, Gwendolyn Individual 02/04/15 Request
15-FOIA-021 Egan, Paul Detroit Free Press 02/03/15 Request
15-FOIA-020 McGee, Wendell U.S. Department of Labor 01/29/15 Request
15-FOIA-019 Story, Douglas Individual 01/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-018 Zepeda, Rafael Individual 01/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-017 Gerage, Vince VCG Uniform 01/28/15 Request
15-FOIA-016 Fasullo, Louis Individual 01/26/15 Request
15-FOIA-015 Harrington III, Cornelius J. Kenneth J. Allen Law Group 01/22/15 Request
15-FOIA-014 Harrington III, Cornelius J. Kenneth J. Allen Law Group 01/21/15 Request
15-FOIA-013 Baldoni, Pia M. Individual 01/01/15 Request
15-FOIA-012 Kresch, Joseph Metra Transit Police Association 01/20/15 Request
15-FOIA-011 Fasullo, Louis Individual 01/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-010 Ford, Jermaine Individual 01/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-009 Froncek, Maureen A. Roosevelt University 01/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-008 Himidian, Haig A. Glen J. Dunn & Assoc., Ltd. 01/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-007 Hummel, Brandon Individual 01/15/15 Request
15-FOIA-006 Bradfield, Jean J. P. Simons & Co. 01/14/15 Request
15-FOIA-005 Benavides, Johanna U.S. Health Works 01/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-004 Pyke, Marni Daily Herald 01/13/15 Request
15-FOIA-003 Kresch, Joseph Metra Transit Police Association 01/09/15 Request
15-FOIA-002 Garriga, Ivana Chicago United Industries, Ltd. 01/05/15 Request
15-FOIA-001 Rossi, Rosalind Chicago Sun-Times 01/02/15 Request
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