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Board Meetings

The 11-member Metra Board of Directors, made up of members representing the six-county Chicago metropolitan area, generally meets once a month to discuss various matters.  Individuals wishing to address the Board should follow the guidelines outlined in this PDF document or Word document. Click here for a list of 2019 meeting dates. View 2020 meeting dates here.

Please call 312-322-6962 if you have any questions. 


View October 2019 Citizens Advisory Board Meeting Date Change here.


Metra Citizens Advisory Board is composed of residents from the metropolitan region in which the Commuter Rail Board (Metra) provides service, and who have an interest in public transportation.  Members are appointed by the Metra Board of Directors and serve a two-year term without compensation.  A list of CAB Meetings can be found here and a list of the 2019 CAB Meetings can be found here.


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