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First Published - 04/05/2021 - 5:27PM

Metra trains are operating on alternate schedules that we will update regularly to meet increasing demand. For the latest schedules, click hereFor information about Metra's response to the pandemic, click here.

Last Updated - 05/14/2021 - 1:43PM

Program Details

Deerpath Garden Club
Lake Forest Station on the Milwaukee North


Metra’s Community Enhancement Program

At Metra, we believe that aesthetic enhancements at stations and facilities can be an integral component of broader community outreach and partnership-building efforts.  Our train stations and surrounding areas are visible landmarks known to riders and non-riders alike.

By using art, painting and station enhancements and landscaping and gardening projects, Metra seeks to foster a strong sense of pride and ownership for riders and neighbors living in each community we serve.

Program Activities

Art Projects

Art reflecting the unique characteristics of the local community, including murals on or adjacent to facilities, free-standing sculptures, mosaics or photographs.

Painting and Community Enhancements

Beautification of public areas including viaducts, columns and bridge walls.

Landscaping and Gardening Projects

Installation and maintenance of plants, shrubs and flowers or other landscaping and garden enhancements.


Applications from community groups and individuals representing community groups are accepted throughout the year. The process to review applications can vary by project and complexity. Metra will respond to proposers within 45 days of the submission receipt as to the status of the application.

Applicants must be willing and able to fund their projects, although, in some cases, Metra may be able to contribute some materials or workforce support to make them more lasting and safe.

Selection Criteria

  • Artistic quality of the proposed enhancement
  • Appropriateness of the proposed enhancement to the site
  • Permanence, durability, maintainability and use of high-quality materials
  • Absence of hazards to the public
  • Recommended measures to protect against vandalism

Metra provides final approval of all projects and reserves the right to reject applications. All projects will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will require approval by the local elected official in each community.

To submit a proposal, please use this form.

For more information regarding Metra’s Community Enhancement Program, please contact Community Relations at 312.322.6753 or

Below are  examples of completed community enhancement projects.

Clock donated by the Hinsdale Rotary Club at the Hinsdale Station on the BNSF


Green Star Movement
Edgebrook underpass on the Milwaukee North



Landscaping at Olympia Fields Station on the Metra Electric


Westmont Town Centre gateway arch and fountain on the BNSF


Zabrocki Plaza
Tinley Park/Oak Park Avenue Station on the Rock Island


Chicago Public Art Group Title: “Woodlawn Works”
Core Artists: Rahmaan Barnes, Damon Lamar Reed, Max Sansing and Bernard Williams
67th Street and Dorchester Avenue on the Metra Electric


Reaching Back, Moving Forward, Lest We Forget the Song of 47th Street
Artists: Carolyn Elaine, John Pitman Weber and Juan Carlos Perez
Kenwood/47th Street Station on the Metra Electric


Spirit of Hyde Park
Artist Astrid Fuller, reimagined by Bernard Williams, Sandra Antongiorgi and Ali Seradge
55th-56th-57th Street Station on the Metra Electric

Community Enhancement Program Form

Please complete the information requested on this form. Attach any additional documents if necessary that would provide a clear understanding of your proposed request.





Please attach a description of the work you are proposing to do on Metra property. Include specifics about the project. Outline a schedule of the work and detail what products, materials and equipment would be used for the project, and who would perform the work. If you are proposing the installation of artwork or landscaping, please include a detailed description of the work, construction and process of installation. Use additional pages to provide sketches or photographs of the work.

For further information regarding the Community Enhancement Program contact Community Relations at 312.322.6753 or email us at

(Note: You must select this checkbox to submit your application).

Community Enhancement Program - Terms and Conditions


Metra strives to create safe environments for both its workers and passengers. Selected program participants will be required to sign releases and indemnification forms.

All program participants are required to adhere to any and all Metra safety regulations and guidelines. Failure to adhere to safety regulations and guidelines may result in termination of the enhancement project.


Metra makes no commitment to provide repairs or maintenance of artwork or enhancements.

Any decision by Metra to make repairs or maintenance of artwork or enhancements is at the discretion of Metra. Metra is not responsible for any injuries to persons or property with respect to working on the murals or other enhancements.

All program participants selected will be required to sign an agreement which may require insurance.


All projects shall be installed and implemented in a manner/design consistent with the sample provided to Metra at the time of the application. Changes to the design will not be allowed without written approval.


Metra may from time to time request that the applicant and/or community group provide necessary maintenance to the artwork to ensure that the quality of work is maintained.

Metra may repair or maintain the artwork or enhancement, which may include removal.

Metra is responsible for transportation infrastructure and reserves the right to perform any maintenance and reconstruction work it deems necessary at any location at any time.

Metra reserves the right to remove any artwork at any time with notice. This may include but is not limited to the following reasons:

  • If the material becomes dated, falls into disrepair, or no longer is consistent with the goals and mission of Metra.
  • If the work poses a threat to public safety, or in some other ways poses a potential liability for Metra.
  • If Metra deems it necessary in order for the agency to exercise its responsibilities in regards to public works and improvements.
  • If applicant does not maintain the artwork as requested by Metra.

All artwork and enhancements created under this program belongs to Metra with proper credit due to the artist and/or community group. Metra requires that each artist and/or community group grant the agency the right to a royalty-free, perpetual license to use any depictions of the artwork for use in any and all publications. Credit will be published where possible.


Metra reserves the right to terminate the enhancement project at any time without cause by written notice to the applicant.

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