Metra and Transparency

Metra believes it is extremely important to be as transparent as possible. To that end, we have added several pages to our website in recent months and modified several others. The goal is not only to make it simple to get information and records from Metra, but we also want to give riders and the public time to view and comment on important strategic and operational issues under consideration at the agency.

In the most recent addition, Metra is posting on this website documents relating to upcoming meetings of the Board of Directors several days before the meetings. You can view the most recent documents by clicking here. You can view a list of board meeting dates by clicking here.

Other efforts to promote transparency include:

  • Metra’s Contact Us page lists all the ways to get in touch with various Metra departments.
  • Metra created a website portal called Obtaining Records from Metra, which lists ways to file a Freedom of Information Act request or obtain various records. We also created a FOIA hotline for instructions and questions about filing Freedom of Information Act requests. The number is 312-663-FOIA (3642).
  • Metra changed the way we calculate on-time performance so that the information more accurately reflects reality and is more meaningful to riders. We also started posting monthly on-time performance reports on the website.
  • Monthly ridership reports also are available.
  • We also provide a brief summary of key issues involving Metra.
  • Our Purchasing/Procurement page lists current Invitations for Bids and Requests for Proposals, as well as recent procurement awards.
  • Three pages list information about Metra’s Citizens Advisory Board, its meeting dates and agendas and minutes.
  • Metra’s 2015 budget book provides information about the current budget.
  • The Financial Statements covering the years 2008 to 2013 provide a detailed assessment of Metra's assets, liabilities, revenues, operating expenses and cash flows. The statements were certified by an independent auditor and are located here.
  • Press releases and our passenger newsletter, On the Bi-Level, can be found in our Newsroom.
  • Recent job openings are posted on our Career Opportunities page.
  • Information regarding Metra's operation and performance can be found here: Metra Facts.
  • A history of Metra and its lines can be found here.